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2 Litres US$ 44.99
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7.5 Litres US$ 69.99


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The Premier Pressure cooker is streamlined, light weight and significally less expensive. Its polished Stainless steel body and aesthetic looks ensure durability, quick even heating and assures real value for money

The Premier Pressure Cooker comes to you with features that make it absolutely safe to use. A metallic safety value with special fusible alloy pellets aids in the release of excess steam. A streamlined weight value not only maintains desired cooking pressure but also releases excess pressure build-up. However, in the rare and unlikely event of failure, a special gasket release system forces the gasket to pop-out automatically.

A streamlined exterior and extra broad matt - finished bakelite handle give it an aesthetic appeal. An exterior high-polished Stainless steel body makes the cooker highly durable and easy to clean.

The Premier Pressure Cooker is three times more efficient and faster than conventional cooking utensils. Advanced features including flame-guard and design superiority help in the conservation of valuable time and precious fuel through quick and even heating.

Premier Pressure Cookers come to you after years of research and development and offer the healthiest mode of cooking by conserving vital nutrients, vitamins and energy. Premier's Triple Safety System, built into every one of its Pressure Cookers, ensures increased safety and reliability in the long run. The aesthetic appeal of the streamlined exteriors and superior overall design help conservation of precious fuel and time through quick and even heating.

Premier Pressure Cookers have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) of USA and Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). Premier's attractive pressure cooker range include a wide variety of material and design options including Aluminium, Hard - anodized, SS Copper-bottom and SS Sandwich Bottom. With unmatched durability, performance and style, the Premier Pressure Cooker is quite truly the heart of ANY modern kitchen.

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