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Chapathi / Roti / Tortilla Makers

8 1/2" diameter

USD 94.99 to customers resident in the continental United States with free ground shipping .

8" diameter

USD 79.99 to customers resident in the continental United States with free ground shipping .

Please call us at 1-416-287-1727 to place your order

Ground shipping will take 5 to 7 business days for delivery depending on the destination

110 volts

Strictly for DOMESTIC use.
No warranty if used for commercial purposes.

General Uses of Chappathi Maker:

  • An Appliance ideally suited for preparing Chapathis.
  • Also good for making Rotis, Pan Cakes, Pappads, Toasts etc.,



Key Specification and Features :

  • It rolls and cooks chappathis in less than a minute
  • 110V A/C
  • Power - 1000 Watts
  • Heating Elements on both Top and Bottom Plates
  • VDE approved Thermostat from "Germany"
  • 'Dupont' Teflon coating with quality seal
  • Stainless steel Outer Covers
  • Double insulated 'TEFLON' wires for internal wiring

FREE Demo VCD included (Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and English)


User Guide
Open the plates and insert the plug into the 110v. socket. Wait till the indicator light automatically goes OFF. The unit is ready for use. The Temperature will be maintained by the thermostat, and the indicator will glow accordingly.
Prepare the dough ball of about 1.5 inch in diameter. Flatten these balls slightly off center, towards the rear of the bottom plate, as shown in the figure.
Close the upper plate and press down lever. Open the upper plate immediately. The dough has now been rolled into the shape of a Chappathi. Leave it in this state for 25 seconds.
Flip the Chappathi over. In about 20-25 seconds, air bubbles will begin to form on the surface of the Chappathi.
As this happens, turn the Chappathi over and gently shut the upper plate of your Chappathi Maker. After a few seconds, the Chappathi will be puffing up from both sides.
Your Chappathi cooked in the new Chappathi Maker is now ready to be served.





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